Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Mexican Weekend

OK guys, sorry for going off on such a toxic rant at the beginning of yesterday’s really kind of took emphasis off the fact that my vacation was probably the best one I’ve ever had in my life, which was really the important part. I can’t say I’m exactly loving my body right now, or that I’m happy that I had to go buy a bunch of new shorts and pants so I don’t have to go to work naked tomorrow...but I slept for 10 whole hours last night (which I have absolutely never done in my life) so I’m feeling a little bit better.

Oh, and food always helps. See, I found that when I got home yesterday, it was way too quiet and I couldn’t stand the thought of sitting there all day waiting until dinner time to cook something and eat it in the same stinking apartment I’d been alone in all day. Basically, after all the excitement of eating out so much at the beach, I felt the need to go out for dinner again last night. And I wanted Mexican.

I have been to El Bandido’s twice before. Once, with my mom and dad when we got all my furniture moved in; and the second time, when my whole family came down for the Fourth of July. Everyone else in my family has tried what we call the “cheese bomb”--Nada Mas Queso (“Nothing But Cheese,” according to the menu, although my mom said the translation was wrong; it actually means no more cheese, which is certainly how you feel after you eat it). It’s a cheese enchilada, a cheese burrito, and a cheese tostada. And two sides. My mom was the first one to get it, that first time, and I don’t think she ate cheese for at least three days afterward. It was a LOT of food. Then my dad and sister tried it the second time we went, and only my sister said she’d get it again.

Both times I was still way too obedient to my ED voice (despite being “in recovery”) to even consider ordering something like that. (To give you some idea, I had a salad the first time and only the vegetables from the veggie fajitas the second.) So, this was something I needed to do.

With a few modifications. First, no sides. I did not do this for ED reasons, but purely because I do not like rice and beans, guacamole, etc. (basically any choice on the side menu). Second, no sour cream on the tostada. Again, simply because I don’t like sour cream. And here was the final result:

Let me tell you, it is a ton of cheese!! In fact that lettuce was just getting in the way. Here I am, going from veggie lover to veggie hater! But seriously, this was some heavy-duty stuff. The burrito and enchilada were just oozing cheese. Actually, I liked the tostada the best of all three, probably because it didn’t have any sauce. Another thing I learned (well I kind of already knew, at least in the case of enchiladas) is that I don’t like sauce. It really gets in the way of cheese. :)

Overall, I don’t know if I’d get it again. It was too much of the same kind of cheese. Maybe if they used different kinds in each piece, or even a mix in all three, or something...I need some variety!! (That’s why I have ten different kinds of ice cream in my freezer.)

And evidently I didn’t get enough Mexican food yesterday...

That, my friends, is a quesadilla fried in wayyy too much cooking spray. I had to wipe it off (gross, I know) before I ate it. But it was good. Not in an authentic Mexican way, but in a way that I haven’t had a homemade quesadilla (besides that microwave fail) in at least a year. I may have to have another one tomorrow. Or, why wait? Maybe tonight!
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