Monday, August 12, 2013

Review: KIND Peanut Butter & Strawberry Fruit & Nut Bar

A while ago I received a free KIND bar in the mail. Well, that was a long while ago. Then a while after that, which was still a while ago, I received another KIND bar in the mail. The best part was that it wasn’t the same flavor as the first, and even better it was a flavor that sounded pretty tasty: Peanut Butter & Strawberry.

KIND bars are generally composed of various nuts and crisps and fruits, all held together with a sticky paste. Sort of like a more raw, back-to-earth granola bar. This one is no different, with tons of whole almonds, peanuts, and what are probably dried strawberries considering the flavor. Oh, and the sticky part also holds true here. I wouldn’t recommend handling this bar without the wrapper, unless you have a sink nearby.

Straight from the wrapper, this bar smells mostly like almonds. There is a hint of peanut butter, but nowhere near as strong as I would expect. That carries over into the taste, where the peanut butter is hardly detectable. There are one or two times where you do get a small suggestion, but those bites are few and far between, and even then the peanut butter is only a slight aftertaste.

So what does it taste like? Well, strawberry jelly, mostly. So at least they got that part of the name right. They really should call this bar Strawberry & Nuts, to be more accurate. The almonds are whole and big, and contribute more taste than the peanut butter. There appear to be peanuts as well, but I don’t really taste them either.

The texture is basically like eating sticky almonds: crunchy in the way that nuts are crunchy; the crisps get overshadowed easily. The actual pieces of fruit don’t add much texture-wise, except maybe a little bit of chew.

This bar definitely reminds me of strawberry jelly, but not a PB&J. If you’re OK with that, great. But for the true peanut butter fan, this bar is disappointing. Maybe it’s hard to make the peanut butter really stand out because of the nuts. Maybe there just plain isn’t enough peanut butter. Either way, the result is the same: J, no PB.

Taste: 6--there’s enough strawberry to go around, with some almond flavor, but the peanut butter is almost nonexistent.
Texture: 7--too sticky to eat without the wrapper, but the crunch and chew are satisfying.
Health: 8--the nuts give it healthy fat, and it has some iron and other nutrients. But GoodGuide only gives it a 4.7, with a high-sugar warning.
Eat Again? Not worth it.

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