Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: Nature Valley Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chewy Protein Bar

Time for another embarrassing disclosure. A friend gave me this Nature Valley Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate chewy protein bar last winter.

Yeah. I have issues with hoarding protein bars. But I am making a concerted effort to trim down my stash and this one seemed like an excellent place to start. And hey, it looks pretty good for its age!

I’m hopeful here because it smells like a jar of chunky peanut butter. (Yes, chunky pb smells different than creamy pb. It’s the actual pieces of peanuts, I believe.) That, and I licked some residue off the inside of the wrapper and well, it tasted just like it smells.

But none of that really counts because it has nothing to do with eating the actual bar. Which, by the way, is quite salty and has a lot of peanut taste. Oh, the peanut butter is there too, it’s just hiding behind the peanuts. The chocolate coating is definitely dark, but it’s almost like it’s teasing you because you get a hint and then--bam more peanuts/peanut butter!

Until you hit a chocolate chip...or two or three, in the same bite! The best part is that these are everywhere, not just on the top of the bar. They are creamy and slightly baffling, as they don’t taste the same as the coating so I’m wondering if they are actually milk chocolate. But whatever, they go perfectly with the rest of the bar so I’m not going to dwell on it.

In texture, this is pretty much your standard chewy granola bar. There are crispy pieces mixed in, and the peanuts give a harder crunch, but the overall composition is...well, chewy. There’s not much more to it. It’s not super easy to wolf down but it’s not hard to handle either. It’s a good balance of textures.

This is one of the better peanut butter bars out there. So many of them don’t taste like actual peanut butter, but this one certainly delivers. I could see myself buying this one in the future.

Taste: 9--lots of peanuts and they do hide the peanut butter to some extent, but overall I love the chocolate/peanut butter pairing.
Texture: 9--again, good job with the crispy/crunchy/chewy mixture, it keeps you entertained.
Eat Again? Yes, definitely!
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