Monday, October 7, 2013

Stonyfield Vanilla Fudge Swirl Frozen Yogurt (An Ice Cream Review)

A few weeks ago, I had a coupon for a free pint of Stonyfield frozen yogurt at Whole Foods. Now, if I have a coupon for anything that I can only get at Whole Foods, you can bet I’m going to use it because Whole Foods is freaking expensive!

So anyway, after falling for their Creme Caramel froyo while in Yellowstone, I decided that buying it four times since then was enough and it was time to try something different. So I chose Vanilla Fudge Swirl.

Very tempting with that hint of fudge swirl under the surface. It’s also easily spooned out the second you take it from the freezer, so it didn’t take me long to uncover the chocolate!

I know it’s froyo, so it’s not going to be the same experience as super-premium or even standard-quality ice cream, but this stuff is pretty good. It’s fairly dense at 85 grams per serving and as it melts it gets creamy-dreamy, just the way I like my ice cream/froyo. I can’t really complain about the texture.

The vanilla isn’t just a plain old base here; there’s actually a lot of flavor to it. Which is a good thing because the chocolate swirl isn’t very strong. The way it’s swirled throughout the pint, so that it’s relatively thin almost everywhere, means that texturally it’s nonexistent; tastewise, it only really succeeds in making the ice cream taste like an off-vanilla. BUT...there are two “buts”: First, as the ice cream starts to melt down you can feel the swirl a little bit more; it actually has some chew to it. Second, at the very end of the pint I did get a big hunk that was mostly swirl, and it’s odd. It’s not a sweet chocolate, and it is gritty. It actually reminds me of a non-gooey version of 2nd Street Creamery’s chocolate swirl with that same almost bitter bite; it’s just not obvious here because it’s not as thick.

Would I buy it again? I’d probably go for the Creme Caramel instead. But this was a good flavor in its own right, and Stonyfield continues to impress me with the quality of their frozen yogurt. I just wish I could get it somewhere other than Whole Foods!!
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