Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Molting Pizza-Eating Rule Breaker

My whole day has been a little out of whack, but the exciting news is that I woke up and food was NOT the first thing I thought of! Which is surprising, since I slept longer than I even usually do on the weekends. But the end result was that my breakfast didn’t end up being until noon, at which point I suppose it would be called lunch, but...who cares?

Well 3 o’clock rolls around and I’m hungry, so I decided to try Domino’s pizza tracker. OK, actually I just really wanted a pizza. And ordering online is just plain fun. I had no idea you could order a sauceless pizza...and I didn’t really believe they would leave off the sauce, so I decided to mess with them and order one.

(I didn't ask if Pete actually made my pizza, but neither of the guys at the store looked like a Pete.)
Well, they did! There is no sauce on that baby! And it was soooo good, the best part being that I ate it before 8:00 p.m., and...

...wait for it...

...I ate the whole gosh-darned thing! So THERE!! And the weird thing is, I’m not even full. Not hungry, but you’d think a whole pizza would be enough to stuff me up for a while. Apparently not. Hmm, this is interesting....

Nothing else much is new, except that I’m molting. Apparently that’s totally normal, as your skin gets enough nourishment to start regenerating again all the dead stuff that’s been there the whole time comes off. I currently can’t scratch an itch in public or else people would think I’m snowing. It’s quite gross, when I wash my face--after I shower, mind you--all this yellowish gunk comes off and it’s even worse than when I go to the barn and ride in the dusty ring. Oh, recovery.

OK, now I’m full. I think it took about 30 minutes to actually hit me. So we’re good for at least another hour, I hope, haha. But I am super hyper now despite waking up tired (how does that even work??) because I broke a rule!! I broke a rule! Haha, it feels so cool!
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