Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (An Ice Cream Review)

It’s hard to believe I’ve eaten so many flavors of Ben & Jerry’s and I haven’t even had the classic yet. There are just so many other interesting flavors besides Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and, to be honest, no one is ever going to top the cookie dough ice cream at Berkey Creamery. One of the things I miss the MOST about Penn State.

So in case you’re just dying to, this isn’t as good as Penn State’s. But it’s close.

See, if they made the base cookie dough flavored, instead of vanilla, they probably would have succeeded. As it is, it’s a very, very flavorful vanilla, on the level of vanilla bean instead of vanilla. Which is funny because when they use vanilla bean ice cream, they specify vanilla bean, like in Late Night Snack. So this has me thinking I ought to try their plain vanilla despite the number of times I’ve turned my nose up at such a “boring” prospect already.

OK, the rest of this is easy. Two mix-ins: little chocolate pieces (I’m not sure if “chip” applies in the traditional sense) and the obvious cookie dough. Saving the best for last, the chocolate is not frozen hard, but melty and creamy, and full of flavor. It’s complex, a bittersweet taste somewhere between milk and dark chocolate. It helps balance out the sweetness of the base and cookie dough.

Speaking of that cookie’s huge. Knowing Ben & Jerry’s, you were probably expecting this, and so was I after having Half Baked. It’s the same deal here. Huge and exactly like what you eat out of the tube, and just...yum. It’s gritty. It even has little chocolate chips in it. The killer is that these are BETTER than Penn State’s, it’s just the base ice cream that knocks it slightly behind overall.
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