Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Edy's Slow Churned S'mores (An Ice Cream Review)

I am a marshmallow fiend. And if I love marshmallow-flavored stuff, I love toasted-marshmallow-flavored stuff even more. That was the sole reason I bought Ben & Jerry’s Rocky Road-ish (the toasted marshmallow ice cream and toasted marshmallow swirl), why I love their S’mores ice cream so much, and also why I miss State College and Wegmans, the only store I know of that sells toasted marshmallow fluff.

So anyway, guess what? Edy’s S’mores flavor is done being a limited edition and now part of their regular lineup, AND it features chocolate and toasted marshmallow ice cream! I was so excited to hear that, even though it’s been forever and yes, it really did take me this long to buy some, because ever since moving down here I’ve been forever grabbing new flavors on a whim (and consequently taking up all the room in my freezer for when I wanted to buy this one).

Well, I finally bought it. Officially, it’s chocolate and toasted marshmallow ice creams with marshmallows and chocolate flakes and a graham cracker swirl (my description since this flavor doesn’t even appear on their website). And, well, it pretty much looks like that. I love the tan color of the marshmallow ice cream, it just makes my mouth water....

OK, here’s the thing. I never thought there would be such a thing as too much marshmallow for me, who eats half a (family-sized) tub of marshmallow fluff straight off the spoon in one go, it is. Too much marshmallow. Or at least, something is overwhelming. This has a really funky taste, it’s really really REALLY sweet and, while is does taste like marshmallow, it sort of doesn’t at the same time.... OK, I’m not making any sense, but I’m really not sure how to describe this. It’s tastebud overload and that funky marshmallowness pretty much takes over. The poor chocolate ice cream is hardly even there by comparison.

There are lots of marshmallows, but you can imagine that marshmallows in toasted marshmallow madness sort of get lost tastewise. They add some soft, airy texture, but I’m still not sure I like marshmallows in ice cream; I much prefer a gooey swirl. Plus ice cream is supposed to be thick and creamy, marshmallows just feel wrong. Maybe it’s just me.

The chocolate flakes are decent. Not cheap but not spectacular, a middle-of-the-road deal that’s inoffensive. What really stands out (and is surprisingly my favorite part) is the graham swirl. Yes, it’s sweet, but in a different way than the toasted marshmallow ice cream, and one that provides a refreshing break. But only if you get enough on your spoon, because otherwise it meets the same fate at the other ingredients in the face of that base. The grit and crunch it provides are also appreciated.

I’ll finish the tub, but I don’t know if I’ll buy it again. It’s almost like this flavor tries too hard. It tries to hard it’s a bit fake, if you know what I mean. My random impulsive ice cream grabbing has yielded so many better results that I can’t really see myself coming back to this often, no matter how excited I was to hear about it.
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