Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: MET-Rx ProteinPlus Mud Pie Fusion

You learn something new every day. It’s been forever since I’ve had one of MET-Rx’s enormous protein bars, mainly because I ran out of accessible new flavors to blog about. But then I moved to North Carolina and went shopping at Kroger and they had a few I’d never had and...well, you can guess what happened.

I brought them home and decided to try Mud Pie Fusion first. Now don’t laugh, but I had to look up exactly what Mud Pie is because I wasn’t exactly sure. For some reason I was thinking it contained coffee, but Wikipedia makes no mention of it.

So I’m thinking something cookie & cream-ish, based on that shot. The top layer is super gooey, it even made this gloopy noise when I broke the bar. It doesn’t smell like much, other than the chocolate coating, so here we go.

I take a bite and the first thing I notice is the sharp contrast between the gooey-nougat cream and the tough, gummy base. It’s a bit of a shock to your teeth, to be easily cutting through and then suddenly meet all that resistance. The base layer might be a little hard to chew, but it will keep you busy, and the white stuff gives the whole mouthful a creamy feel. It’s sort of like the effect of frosting on cake.

The other shock? OK, maybe you won’t be surprised, but there is definitely coffee in there. Most protein bars have a bit of protein taste to them, but this was far more bitter than any protein aftertaste. I’ve only had coffee once (twice if you count coffee ice cream), but it has a very distinctive taste. No wonder your teachers never count Wikipedia as a “reliable source.”

Aside from that little wrinkle, the rest of this bar is really well done. The coating is fine milk chocolate, very sweet and creamy, but it’s overridden by the bitterness. And I love the goo, which does help balance everything out with its sweetness. I’d totally eat it again if there wasn’t coffee, but if you’re a coffee drinker, this is for you.

Taste: 7--I don’t like coffee, so it wasn’t a huge hit; nonetheless, the white gooey stuff is really sweet and helps cancel out some of the bitterness.
Texture: 7--gummy, tough, and hard to chew at times, but the goo gives a smooshy contrast and the chocolate coating is very smooth and creamy.
Health: 7--it has 32 grams of protein, but also 34% of the daily recommended saturated fat intake, as well as a lot of sugar alcohols. But it also contains a bunch of vitamins and minerals. GoodGuide gives it a 7.7.
Eat Again? No, but only because I don’t like coffee. Otherwise, yes.

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