Saturday, September 21, 2013

TCBY Honey Vanilla Frozen Greek Yogurt

I recently rekindled my interest in frozen Greek yogurt. Well, honey caramel vanilla frozen Greek yogurt. I really do adore it, I just spend so much time eating chocolatey rich ice cream that I forget how good this stuff can be.

TCBY doesn’t have a honey caramel version like Yoplait and Ben & Jerry
s, but they do have a Honey Vanilla frozen Greek yogurt. I was a bit wary since it was missing caramel and I’m not really a fan of straight honey, even on bread. Unless it’s a peanut butter and honey sandwich, which is a different story.

Now for some reason (maybe that picture on their website) I was thinking that without the caramel there wouldn’t be a swirl, that this would just be Greek yogurt that was flavored like both honey and vanilla. But...nope! Honey can be swirled as well!

So the first thing I did, like always, was to scrape off the ice cream stuck to the lid. And like WOW. Even just that little film was really sweet. It hit me so hard I actually consciously blinked. And for some reason it reminded me of candy corn.

Where Yoplait’s base was obviously vanilla yogurt, this one seems to have integrated the honey into the base. Which I wasn’t expecting at all because of the honey swirl. Either that or TCBY just has some strong vanilla yogurt. You do get used to it, but it’s very overwhelming at first (in a good way!) and takes some adjustment. But they get points just for grabbing my interest, as well as having visible specks of vanilla bean. I love that.

The swirl is chewy, but not gooey like caramel. It’s so deceptive, I kept looking at it thinking it was caramel, but nope. It looks the same and tastes different. This is straight honey. Sweet in a different way--with caramel you can get that deep rich taste as well, but not with honey. It’s a good thing the yogurt is there to mitigate the swirl a little bit, otherwise I think this would be too much honey for me.

The actual yogurt isn’t as dense as Yoplait’s, but it’s creamier. While the Yoplait took a while to be spoonable and get creamy, TCBY’s version was ready right out of the freezer. I honestly don’t know which texture I prefer. I feel like any opinion I have might be biased because I love caramel. But I can still say that I’d buy this one again.
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