Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yoplait Honey Caramel Greek Frozen Yogurt

When I think of frozen yogurt, Yoplait doesn’t even cross my mind. Likewise, when I think of Yoplait, frozen yogurt doesn’t cross my mind. But Yoplait does indeed make frozen yogurt. I’ve known this for quite some time, but I still don’t associate the two for some reason.

I found myself standing in a rather boringly stocked Food Lion with an inexpressible craving for...something, something that wasn’t one of the five or six flavors I already had in my freezer. And then I realized what was missing: I have always kept something caramel in there, but for some reason I stopped about two months ago, and that day my body was just screaming out for something caramel. So I decided to jump in and try out the Yoplait Honey Caramel Greek froyo.

I absolutely adored Ben & Jerry’s version of this flavor. Greek froyo is not something I’d eat every day (haven’t had it since then), nor is honey caramel; but oh my dear lord, when I want it I want it bad and I just can’t get enough of it. So maybe I should have bought two pints.

Now I wasn’t expecting very much from Yoplait since they’re not your typical frozen-dessert company, and I have to admit that this stuff took a few spoonfuls to get used to. The base had a lot more yogurty flavor than Ben & Jerry’s, although it also somehow seemed less tangy. Basically, it tasted like sweetened vanilla yogurt, frozen. Sweet in a strange way, but an addicting way nonetheless.

Based on recommendations from others, I let this pint sit out for 5-10 minutes before starting, and I think this helped. The yogurt has begun to melt around the rim, leading to a creamier, almost gummy texture. I know that might be off-putting for a lot of people, but I actually enjoy the gumminess. The center of the pint, however, remained sort of “blocky”...wait, let me describe that better. It was spoonable, but it came out in chunks, rather than gathering on the spoon, you know? It was also kind of chewy. But again, not in a bad way.

The swirl is basically just a thick ribbon, which unfortunately isn’t as frequent as I would have liked, but it’s by no means skimpy. It creates goopy strings just like any quality caramel swirl, but it’s obviously not pure caramel. It’s sweeter, owing to the honey. Or maybe that’s the wrong way to say it; maybe it’s just a different sweet than a pure caramel swirl. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I was tasting the honey in the base and that’s why it didn’t quite seem to fit the froyo profile.

Verdict? I was pleasantly surprised, and this is for sure coming back to my freezer. Like, soon. It’s been a while since I had B&J’s version, so it’s tough to remember for comparison, but honestly this one is good enough (and cheaper) for me!
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