Monday, October 21, 2013

Blue Bunny Cookie Creations White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie (An Ice Cream Review)

It’s been an adventure getting a feel for all the grocery stores in here in the Triangle, since there are about five Walmarts and at least as many Krogers all about the same distance from my apartment, not to mention various Harris Teeters and Whole Foods (although I don’t go there as often, since they’re more expensive). But I eventually learned which Walmarts are well-stocked and which are not, the former category unfortunately consisting of far fewer than the latter.

By “well-stocked,” you probably know I mean ice cream, and it was at the most well-stocked Walmart that I found this gem:

Blue Bunny White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie. It’s one of their Cookie Creations line, which also features flavors like Monster Cookie. This particular one is “Macadamia cookie flavored ice cream with white chocolate chunks and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.” I love white chocolate, so this has been calling my name since the first time I saw it (at which point I already had a full freezer...I know, when has that stopped me before?).

I know I always say I’m not a huge fan of nuts in ice cream. Truth be told, it was the white chocolate and cookies that drew me to this ice cream. And I got lucky, because there are no (whole, crunchy) macadamia nuts. At least not that I could discern. But Blue Bunny certainly doesn’t short you on mix-ins, either. There are little round cookies everywhere, a little flatter than a ball of dough and bigger than a penny. The scoop goes through them really easily, so you’re not fighting to dig around them. They are so buttery and gritty and chewy and fresh, and they really do taste just like a bakery cookie, despite being submerged in a frozen dessert. They’re not frozen rock hard. These are the star of the show, as they should be in a “Cookie Creation.”

The white chocolate is another story. In fact, I thought they were the nuts until I realized they didn’t taste like nuts. They’re standard chocolate-chunk fare, only white, so they’re almost impossible to see against the base ice cream. Add that to the fact that among all the cookie flavoring, they don’t really stand out taste-wise, and Blue Bunny might as well have saved some money (and saved us some calories) and left out the white chocolate. You can get the white chocolate experience if you know you’ve got it in your spoonful and you purposefully suck on it after eating the rest of the scoop...but I don’t feel that it’s significant enough to this flavor to deserve first spot in the title. It’s deceiving.

But the base ice cream makes up for all that by tasting just like the cookies, that is to say, it’s delicious. Sweet and buttery, and sufficiently creamy for a non-super-premium ice cream that’s not $4 per pint. I personally loved it. Some cookie-flavored ice creams come off as weird, but this is spot-on. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.
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