Saturday, October 19, 2013

Clemmy's Sugar Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (An Ice Cream Review)

I’ve been eyeing up the Clemmy’s ice cream at Harris Teeter for a while now. How could I resist something peanut buttery? Plus I’d never heard of Clemmy’s before. Which is the reason that I had no idea that their ice cream is sugar free.

There’s no description on the pint, but my initial guess for this flavor was peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips. So I was surprised to open it up and find white ice cream with chocolate chips.

So I eventually figured out partway through the pint that the peanut butter part is a swirl. But even before I found that, there was a very faint peanut butter flavor to what I can only assume is vanilla ice cream. I can’t say I tasted vanilla. So the base shall remain a mystery, whether that adds to the intrigue or is just plain annoying is up to you.

The chocolate chips are not hard; they’re sort of crunchy, like a cross between chocolate chip and Oreo. They’re not unlike the ones Talenti uses in Caramel Cookie Crunch. And there are a ton of them. So they come across a lot stronger than the peanut butter. For me, that’s a bit disappointing, but for those who are easily overwhelmed by peanut butter, this might be the break you’re waiting for.

Now, I did find the peanut butter swirl. It’s fairly thin in most places (where it is, anyway) and, consequently, hard to describe beyond mild and, well, slightly peanut buttery. But I did get a nice chunk of almost all peanut butter near the end, and I was surprised. It’s not that far off from a premium peanut butter swirl. They could really ramp up this flavor if they showed off the swirl a bit more. It’s not quite as epic or gritty as Ben & Jerry’s, but it’s awesome in its own right. Now there just needs to be more of it!

In the long run, I probably won’t buy this again. But it was interesting. None of it tasted sugar free, which is a testament to the company’s abilities. It’s decent, give it a try; just don’t expect to be peanut-buttered out of your socks.
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