Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Harris Teeter Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt

I know I said after my first experience with Harris Teeter’s frozen yogurt that I wouldn’t go back, but...I did. I mean, it was cookie dough. At the very least, it has chunks of unbaked chocolate chip cookies inside.

I’m glad I gave this another chance, because this is worlds better than the Chocolate Caramel Brownie--even if it is still obviously frozen yogurt. The texture is less creamy than even low-fat ice cream, but after it sits out enough to melt, it’s harder to tell.

It’s also hard to tell what flavor the base is supposed to be. I’d guess vanilla, but it has an extra depth to it. It could be the cookie-dough brown sugar, or it could be my imagination running wild. Either way, the base holds its own in terms of taste. Which is great, because that’s not even the best part.

See, when I had the premium Cookie Dough & Brownies, this is more what I was thinking in terms of cookie dough. BIG chunks. The only bigger cookie dough mix-in I can think of is Ben & Jerry’s. It’s a little funny, in that it’s not that sweet of a cookie dough, but hey--it’s cookie dough! I’m not sure what it’s missing (not enough brown sugar, maybe?), but it’s got that overall cookie dough grit which is almost as important as the taste. And the uniformity is amazing: these are literally all the same size and shape. The chocolate chips don’t really add anything, but they do look pretty.

While this isn’t the best cookie dough ice cream I’ve had, I’d still buy it again when I’m in the mood for cookie dough and want something cheaper than Ben & Jerry’s. Harris Teeter frozen yogurt has redeemed itself.
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