Thursday, October 3, 2013

Harris Teeter Smooth & Creamy Churned Take the Cake (An Ice Cream Review)

Oh, Harris Teeter. Not too long ago I told myself I’d given up on your ice cream. And now what do I find but you’ve got a birthday cake-themed ice cream. You’re tempting me. It’s not the premium stuff I tried first, nor the frozen yogurt I attempted later. This is slow churned, and you’ve got me wondering if this style has any hope.

I’m going to admit my weirdness here and say that I absolutely LOVE slow churned ice cream. I mean, I love Ben & Jerry’s too, but slow-churned has its own endearing qualities. Of course, my only experience until now has been with Edy’s, but it’s always super creamy and smooth and satisfying. Often more so than regular ice cream. The only downside is that it’s reduced-calorie. Oh well, that just means I should eat more! :)

I can already say that this doesn’t top Kroger’s Cupcake Party, but it comes close. Closer than any other non-premium cake-flavored ice cream. The base is super super super sweet all by itself; add in the sprinkles and frosting and you have a sweet tooth’s dream. It’s on the sweet side even for cake bases. But where Kroger’s leans toward cake batter, this one is still safely on the other side of the oven. I’d say it tastes more like frosting than anything else.

Which kind of makes it hard to describe the frosting swirl, beyond that it’s gooey and just gets gooier as it warms up. And it’s yummy. Pure sugar. But take this with a grain of salt, because I’ve taken to eating frosting straight from the can lately. It’s thick--in texture; the actual swirls are thin ribbons at times.

The sprinkles aren’t the silly little sprinkles you put on ice cream cones that don’t taste like anything; they’re those buttercream circle ones. They’re big enough to give a good crunch and then become gritty and get stuck in your teeth for the perfect finish. Sort of like candy corn, except for the taste. The best sprinkle mix-in ever, by far. The only thing better would have been pieces of cake.

So Harris Teeter has been redeemed, ironically enough, by low-fat ice cream. I may have to try their “normal” ice cream now.
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