Saturday, October 12, 2013

Larabar Chocolate Brownie

I’ve seen Larabars everywhere and heard people absolutely rave about them, but I’ve never picked them up because they look small. At least, smaller than all the PowerBars and Clif Bars surrounding them. But since I had a coupon, I ended up buying three at Kroger.

This one is the Chocolate Brownie Larabar. I have to admit, I had no idea what a Larabar actually was until I opened this one up. Well, it’s a fruit and nut bar, which made me a little less excited, but I’m willing to try anything labeled “chocolate.”

Well, it does kind of smell like chocolate, and it is a little small for me. I’ll just get straight to the point here and say this wasn’t really my thing. It does taste like chocolate, yes, in the way of cocoa powder, but it I can also really taste tart fruit, which sort of ruins it for me. It’s not that far off from the Perfectly Simple Cranberry Almond bar. For you fruit fans out there it would probably be fine, but I have too much of a sweet tooth for that. I will say that the faster you eat and the bigger your bites, the more it tastes like chocolate. But there’s no getting around the fact that dates are the first ingredients on the list.

The texture is very soft for a fruit and nut bar. Minus the nuts, of course--those are, well, nutty. But other than that, you could pretty much eat this thing without teeth. It’s quite squishy. Not in an unappetizing way. Most of the nuts are chopped, but I did hit a large, whole almond. So yes, teeth are quite necessary for the whole deal.

I can’t say I’m chomping at the bit to try the other two Larabars now, but this wasn’t repulsive or anything. Just not my kind of bar.

Taste: 6--more fruit than chocolate, and too tart for me.
Texture: 8--very soft and mushy, aside from the nuts.
Eat Again? No.
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