Friday, October 18, 2013

New Favorite Pizza + Chex Mix

I’ve been feeling pretty good the past few days. Yesterday we had a picnic at work, which meant time off from work playing games and eating lots instead! I had a ton of dessert, including some awesome brownies and a huge piece of caramel toffee cheesecake. I brought my own dessert too...white chocolate Halloween Chex mix!

It’s basically like any white chocolate Chex mix but with candy corn instead of peanuts. And I used candy corn M&Ms instead of normal ones, since I’d bought them at Kroger and they were a little too weird to eat plain.

Anyway, I made enough to fill 2 9x13 pans and took most of that back to work after the picnic. And sitting alone in my cube with a bunch of Chex mix...well I ate half of one container! Which is a lot of chocolate and candy corn and the upshot was that I ate well past my minimum just from lunch and directly afterward. And yes, I got a rather un-fun stomachache. And so for the first time ever I really didn’t eat very much right before bed. After dinner all I ate was a bit of popcorn and a Quest bar. I was weird but kind of cool (minus the nausea) because I can be normal...someday.

I also got to try a free small pizza from Hungry Howie’s, and let me just say...this is where I’m getting all my pizza from now on. Hungry Howie’s is “the home of the flavored crust,” and they have six options. I went with garlic herb...OH MY GOD it was amazing!! I didn’t know which part to save for last because the crust was just WOW. Sure the Domino’s is closer, but I don’t care, this is totally worth it.

Other than that, nothing much is new with me. Just more of the same, watching TV and drawing and by sheer luck not yet outgrowing this pair of shorts (I’m sure that’s just around the corner though). In fact the funniest thing was that after I felt so bloated and huge last night, I looked more proportional this morning. These things are so weird. Like I’ll wake up and be like, “Wow, I look normal-sized,” and then by the time I get to work I look pregnant, and then again after lunch, and then my thighs feel bigger throughout the day. No wonder it’s such a relief to park myself in front of the TV!
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