Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review: Clif Mojo Dipped S'mores

So somewhere along the line, it appears that Clif branched out from their original Mojo bars and introduced Mojo bars dipped in chocolate, without my even noticing. Until I got a coupon for a Clif bar and actually went looking for one.

Here we have the S’mores Dipped Mojo bar. S’mores seems to be one of the flavors I default to when picking something new, probably because I love s’mores, but only a few really remind me of the actual campfire concoction. This one is off to a good start, with a strong smell of graham upon unwrapping.

Well, it tastes like graham too! And since the graham crackers play such a huge part in a s’more, Clif gets big points for that. Now obviously this bar does contain things not usually found in s’mores, like almonds (fairly large almonds, too) and rice crisps. But, aside from the hard crunch from the nuts, it’s remarkably like the texture of a graham cracker too.

The initial impression is certainly good, but beyond that? Well, as I got further on I noticed it was kind of salty as well as sweet, reminding me of the saltiness that you would get from peanuts. Or maybe pretzels. Either one isn’t really something you’d expect from a s’more. I did check the ingredients, and sea salt is listed, but it’s one of the last on the list, so I’m not sure what that’s about....

The other s’more ingredients--the chocolate and the marshmallows--aren’t as obvious as the graham. The coating is a nice addition, but it’s not the most obvious part. I also think it could score a lot more points by including actual mini marshmallows, rather than leaving that part up to our imaginations and hoping that we think we taste marshmallows.

In all, this is your standard chewy granola bar with rice crisps and whatnot, slightly more dense than a Rice Krispies Treat. I could sort of see a whole graham/marshmallow/chocolate vibe going on here, but it’s not as obvious as I’d hoped. Still, it’s not a bad bar. In fact it’s still really enjoyable. Just not a carbon-copy s’more.
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