Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: EAS Myoplex 30 Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

A number of my protein bars have traveled with me from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, where they continue their patient wait for my attention. They are the warriors. They have survived an eight-hour drive in the heat to this foreign territory, the rainstorm that I carried them through when I finally arrived...and, in the case of this EAS Myoplex 30 Chocolate Peanut Butter bar, a way-too-long period of time between purchase and actual consumption.

But I finally busted this big guy out. And I do mean big. At 30 grams of protein and 350 calories, it’s also dense and long. It’s not tall, but it still manages to weigh in at 85 grams. And I do love monster protein bars. :)

Just like the caramel version I tried, it’s made up of a granola-bar-type mixture of crisps and binding goop and, possibly, oats. It’s not fully coated, but rather layered on the bottom and then drizzled over the top. A lot of protein bars try to hide their inherent protein-ness in milk chocolate coatings, but here they’re going for full (well, maybe half) disclosure. It also allows the peanut butter smell to waft up your nose a lot easier.

Well, there is a bit of fakeness to the scent, which does carry over into the taste, but for the most part it’s true to its name. The first taste you get it creamy milk chocolate, from the coating, but that quickly dissolves. After that it tastes a bit like plain granola or oats, with a slight hint of a protein bite, but on the other hand there’s definitely peanut butter in there. It’s not overwhelming, it’s more of a dull peanut butter, but it tends to get stuck in the crevices of your mouth just like real peanut butter does. The result is that it’s the lingering taste you get, hence no protein aftertaste. And the bigger the bite, the bigger this effect is.

That said, be careful just how big a bite you take. The denseness makes this bar satisfying, but it also means that you literally can bite off more than you can chew. I didn’t get tired until the very end, when I stopped taking smaller bites to analyze for review purposes. But as far as an on-the-go meal, it’s feasible. There’s no mess and with its chewy granola bar texture, it’s very pleasant overall. Despite my love of (full) chocolate coating, I would put this right up there with most other huge protein bars I’ve tried.

Taste: 8--definitely peanut butter, but perhaps a bit dull. The protein aftertaste is very subtle.
Texture: 9--like a typical chewy granola bar, only a little more dense. Don’t rush or you will get tired.
Health: 7--there’s a ton of sugar, and the first ingredient listed is corn syrup, not protein. And it’s soy isolate rather than whey.
Eat Again? Yeah.

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