Friday, October 4, 2013

Review: Fiber One Kids' Chewy Chocolate Bar

Fiber One managed to win me over with their 90 Calorie Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’re also doing a pretty good job by sending me free granola bars. That’s how I came to try their Caramel Nut Protein Bar, and it’s also how I came to have a Kids’ Chewy Chocolate bar sitting in my pantry (yes, since moving I no longer have a basement to store all my bars).

At just 100 calories, I shouldn’t have been expecting much, but it still looks so small. On the plus side, it smells sweet, almost like caramel (even though I know it has nothing to do with caramel) in addition to the slight chocolate scent. You can tell it’s going to be one of those granola bars that isn’t too granola-y and dry and plain, but one that you might actually want to eat for a snack.

And that’s just what it is. Sure, it’s tiny, but it certainly gets points over Kashi’s hard-to-swallow “chewy” bars. I used to eat the Quaker Chewy bars back in high school, and this reminds me of them. The stuff holding it all together is sticky enough that you can see the strings when you pull it apart, but not sticky enough that it gets all over your fingers and everything you subsequently touch. The held-together stuff is crisps and oats, which do get stuck in your teeth...if I had my way, all these chewy granola bars would have a much higher crisp-to-oat ratio. Still, the texture slows you down and makes the bar seem less small. It’s also juicy, which is always good for enhancing the flavor.

The chocolate, though certainly creamy, doesn’t play as big a role as you’d expect from a bar called “chocolate.” Maybe I was expecting the base to be cocoa crisps and oats, or maybe to have chocolate chips in it. Nope, just that bottom layer and the drizzle on top. The main flavor is the sweetness from the oat/crisp/glue. Which is a good flavor, don’t get me wrong, but if you picked this up expecting chocolate overload you’d be disappointed.

All said, it’s your typical chewy granola bar. Sweet with a bit of chocolate. Nothing too special, but not offensive either. If you’re into the whole chewy granola bar thing, this is definitely worth a try. It’s as good as any other one I’ve had.

Taste: 9--very sweet, but the chocolate wasn’t as big a player as the name implies.
Texture: 8--typical chewy granola bar; not too sticky, although the oats get stuck in your teeth.
Eat Again? Yeah.

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