Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: PowerBar Triple Threat Chocolate Caramel Fusion

I’ve come to have an appreciation for least, the ones that aren’t the energy bars or 30-gram protein bars. I still haven’t re-tried those yet. Actually, the only ones I’ve eaten and actually enjoyed were the Recovery line--but I’ve seen the Triple Threat ones and been curious about them, just never felt like picking them up for some reason.

Well, that all changed drastically at some point, I’m not sure when, but the result was that I had three Triple Threat PowerBars in my pantry and I was starting to feel bad letting them just sit around. So I opened up the Chocolate Caramel Fusion bar.

Honestly, it doesn’t seem all that different from the Recovery bars. Maybe slightly smaller, but even that I can’t say for sure. The milk chocolate coating is smooth and makes this bar smell like a Hershey bar, and once you break it open you can see that those lumps in the coating are actually peanuts.

Well, it didn’t say anything about peanuts...oh, well. I guess they were going for what most other caramel/peanut/chocolate bars do, with the base layer topped off with a peanut/caramel mixture. Only they seem to be missing the caramel here.

At least on sight. I can definitely taste it, though it is rather subtle. The overall flavor is predominantly chocolate, from the coating; but it’s a little to sweet to be just chocolate, hence the caramel. Oddly enough, the peanuts don’t play a big role (and usually for me nuts are a pungent flavor). Even the bites that had them, it was sometimes hard to tell until I hit a harder crunch.

The base is chewy, with some crispy pieces. It does have a bit of a chalky afterfeel, but not badly enough to make me reach for a bottle of water. The smoothness of the chocolate coating makes it feel almost like a candy bar, if not for the slight “proteiny” chalk. Overall it’s very pleasant--not too “healthy” tasting, but not a candy bar either. I’m definitely glad I gave PowerBar a second chance!

Taste: 8.5--pretty much what it says, though I wouldn’t mind a stronger caramel.
Texture: 9--the crisps contract well with the chewy base and the peanuts add another different texture.
Eat Again? Yes.
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