Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: Promax Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Energy Bar

One of the advantages of moving somewhere new is the chance to shop at new stores and try new things. I’d gone through all the available flavors of Promax bars in Pennsylvania, but my first trip to a Kroger here in Durham resulted in one I hadn’t yet found: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Given my love of raw baked goods, I was pretty excited. I’ve had success in the past with cookie dough bars, ZonePerfect and Quest being my favorites, so I naturally didn’t hesitate to buy this.

After breaking the bar, it certainly does look like cookie dough inside, and that’s enough to get your mouth watering. It doesn’t smell like much other than the milk chocolate coating. It’s also really easy to break and makes a soft sucking sound, almost a foamy kind of thing. Definitely interesting.

Even knowing that, I was surprised how easy it was to bite and chew. It’s like butter, only not greasy. The thin coating offers zero resistance. It’s not even as chewy as real cookie dough, nor as gooey. It’s actually kind of dry; I’d almost call it dusty. The base mixture expands in your mouth and gets everywhere, which is cool, but it’s so dry that it’s hard to swallow. It kept getting stuck in the back of my throat even though I went through a whole bottle of water while eating this.

That said, it’s tasty enough that I really don’t mind having it stuck in my mouth. The coating gives a temporary milk chocolate taste, but then it melts away and the base takes over. And it really does taste like cookie dough! Not an exact match, of course, with a very very slight protein bite, but it’s pretty darn close and if not for the texture, I could fool myself I was eating out of a Pillsbury tube.

The only other improvement I’d suggest is the “chocolate chips.” They’re actually cocoa-flavored crisps, so they don’t give this bar the true thud of a real chocolate-chip-studded chunk of cookie dough. Cookie dough and crispy aren’t two words you’d normally combine, so I think using real chocolate (or at least something more similar) would take this bar up a notch. On the whole, though, I would definitely buy this flavor again. It’s tied with ZonePerfect for second place, just behind Quest. It’s good for one of those days where you just feel like liking the bowl.

Taste: 9--hardly any protein taste, and it really is a good approximation of cookie dough.
Texture: 7.5--on the one hand, I love how soft it is. On the other it’s a little dry and “dusty.”
Health: 6.5--you might cringe at the sugar (6 more grams than protein), but it is labeled an energy bar, and it also has a lot of vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron.
Eat Again? Maybe.

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