Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rickland Orchards Toasted Coconut Greek Yogurt Bar

Greek yogurt is all the rage right now. Whether it’s frozen or in a tub or coating a granola bar, if it’s Greek, it’s gotta be good for you right?

Rickland Orchards has joined the Greek craze with its Greek yogurt bars, and here we have Toasted Coconut. I risked life and limb eating this bar. See, I usually don’t read the ingredients list very closely (i.e., beyond the first two or three ingredients), and I don’t know what made me do so with this one, but I noticed that pineapple was on the list. I developed a rather uncomfortable pineapple intolerance about a year ago, which was incredibly sad because I absolutely adore pineapple. Just not what it does to my stomach. Anyway, I thought I would be OK here because usually people with pineapple intolerances only have issues with the fresh stuff...hmm, not the case. Oh, the things I go through for this blog...

But all that didn’t happen until much later after I finished eating, so luckily my review wasn’t tainted by physical effects. And I was able to enjoy this bar, because it really was tasty.

First off, this thing smells soooo good. Like perfume or scented hand soap or skin lotion...fruity and sweet and yogurty! Not tangy like I associate with Greek yogurt. It’s also emitting coconut scent-waves with a fury that can only be caused by a coconut bar containing almonds against its will.

Haha, just kidding. I’m sure the coconut and almonds get along just fine. They do in taste, anyway. Occasionally you’ll get a bite containing a big almond, and then there’s obviously a lot of almond taste. But the coconut is always there to take over and ultimately it’s the lasting impression you get from this bar. I did taste some pineapple, but I doubt I’d be able to pick it out if I hadn’t know it was there beforehand.

The coconut is also there in the texture--it’s like eating a Mounds, with the shredded coconut outlasting just about everything else--even the oats/granola mixture, which is usually the last to get chewed up. I will say that after all the flavor fades and you’re just chewing those coconut strands and oats, it does get a bit dull. I’ve also found it happens with the original Clif bars. But overall, other than the coconut and the hard thud of the almonds, this is basically a chewy granola bar.

I probably don’t need to tell you how much I loved the yogurt coating. In fact they could just turn the whole bar into a thick slab of yogurt coating and I’d be thrilled. It’s sweet and vanilla-y and melts in your mouth and it’s just...perfect. I have yet to run across a yogurt coating I don’t like, Greek included!

I’d love to try some of Rickland’s other flavors; I don’t think I’ll go back to this one, just because of the pineapple. But definitely give it a try, because it was enjoyable until the after effects kicked in. I can totally understand this Greek craze when it’s coating my granola bars!
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