Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownie and Cinnamon Coffee Cake

** I wrote this review a while ago, so I have to admit that my preferences are now toward real brownies and cookies...sorry, Fiber One. **

I recently started wondering about our perception of desserts. There are so many prepackaged cookies, brownies, etc. in the “Cookies” aisle at the grocery store, and then there are the Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies and Cookies and what have you in the same aisle as granola bars. So a brownie isn’t a brownie if it’s a Fiber One brownie? It’s good for you then? I’m a bit skeptical, but then again I do feel less guilty buying Fiber One than a pack of Oreos. And they taste good, too.

After my first experience with the 90 Calorie Chocolate Chip Cookies, I went back for more. This time I bought the original, the actual brownie. Fiber One’s website is telling me to “satisfy [my] chocolate and fudge craving with a delicious 90 Calorie Brownie,” so...I think I will!

Like the cookie, it’s small and obviously not as dense or moist as a homemade brownie. But it’s comparable to your average store-bought brownie, if a little less fudgy. I tastes like chocolate, it has chocolate chips in it, what’s not to like? It’s not a super-sweet chocolate but it’s chocolate nonetheless, and it’s soft and chewy and yes, if you’re craving a brownie but want to be “healthier,” it’s a fine option.

Now, Fiber One also just recently released two new flavors of 90 Calorie Brownies: Cinnamon Coffee Cake and Lemon Bars. You know there’s no way I’m buying the lemon ones (that doesn’t mean I don’t have a free one coming in the mail!), but I did have a coupon for a box of Fiber One products at Kroger, so I took advantage and snagged some 90 Calorie Coffee Cake.

Same story, same size, same texture, blah blah blah. Except the moment you unwrap this one it’s amazing how much it smells like coffee cake. Now I haven’t had coffee cake in ages, but for me this was basically the real thing, without the moistness and all the crumbles on top. No, it’s not really a “cake” texture, but the taste is pretty exact here. Like a coffee cake brownie. Now why haven’t I come across any recipes like that on Pinterest?

So, for once the chocolate didn’t win! Not that the brownie was bad, it was just nothing special and pretty much what I expected given only 90 calories to work with. The coffee cake, however, is definitely a success. I think I’d buy a box of those over the brownies or cookies any day.
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