Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review: PowerBar Triple Threat S'mores

Everybody loves s’mores. And since I can’t exactly light a fire in my apartment and toast marshmallows, I have to figure out other ways to eat them. Add a coupon for PowerBars and the Triple Threat S’mores bar sounds like a great idea.

I like to think those lumps are marshmallows, but after finishing this bar I can’t say for sure. For sure they’re white and the bar has a marshmallow taste, but there’s also a nut-like crunch and I can’t tell which comes from which. The problem with marshmallows is they get eaten texturally because they’re so soft and squishy.

There’s also a lot of sweet graham stuff going on, and the milk chocolate coating adds the finishing touch. There’s not even much of a protein undertone. Basically the only thing that’s missing here (besides the melted chocolate and gooiness of the marshmallow) is the texture. It’s mainly chewy, although it contains crisps and, like I said earlier, I can feel nuts. So it’s obviously not quite the same as a true graham cracker.

I really enjoyed this texture, so combined with the best approximation of s’mores in a protein bar so far, that makes this one a definitely repeat. Along with the other Triple Threat bar I tried, this one is worth buying.

Taste: 9--definite graham, chocolate, and marshmallow taste.
Texture: 8.5--not the same as a s’more, but still enjoyable. The crisps and chewy base provide nice contrast.
Eat Again? Yes.
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