Monday, November 4, 2013

Review: Recharge Peanuts + Caramel Bar

A while back I got a free sample pack of Recharge bars that included one of each of their flavors: Chocolate + Caramel, Peanuts + Caramel, and Raspberry + Apple. You can guess which one I reached for second.

The Peanuts + Caramel bar is described as “Dry roasted peanuts with rich, creamy caramel wrapped in a blanket of milk chocolate.” Like the chocolate/caramel one, it’s rather small, but what can you expect for something coming in at only 100 calories?

Not exactly what they advertise, but it’s close. The caramel layer is, unfortunately, really thin. Thin enough that I can’t really see how they could fit the peanuts on the top of it, which is probably why the peanuts were mixed into the base instead. My main point is that the caramel isn’t prominent enough to have that gooey-chewy awesome texture of a thick caramel sauce, nor to give the bar an obvious caramel taste (save once or twice) beyond, it’s sweeter than just plain peanuts.

Most of the flavor comes from the base, which I’m not sure if I like or not. It’s very, very salty, but also cloyingly sweet. It’s like some weird candied peanut flavor with something gone wrong in there. And the aftertaste sticks around--not sour, but again, just...weird. The peanuts, when you get them, do give it a nutty flavor--for a second, and then that base just takes over again.

The coating smells like good milk chocolate, but like the other ingredients it’s hard to taste against the base. It’s all an afterthought. On the plus side, I love the texture. It’s chewy and soft and it gets stuck in your teeth for a while--which I suppose could be annoying, but I like it. It’s sort of like a less sticky version of melted taffy.

But would I buy it? Probably not. The taste was just too weird for words and I’m still not even sure I liked it. Plus I would need like four of these just for a snack!
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