Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Special K Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Meal Bar

The Special K protein meal bars bring back memories of when I first tried “recovery” almost two years ago. They were what I ate when I started having breakfast again. I had two flavors: strawberry and chocolate peanut butter. And now I find myself trying the chocolate peanut butter one again for the sake of blogging.

It smells a lot like sweet peanut butter mixed with milk chocolate. Which is always a good sign, because you never know what you’re getting with protein bars that claim to taste like peanut butter.

The smell is deceptive. Sure the peanut butter is there, but it’s not strong at all. The chocolate is the most prevalent taste, but being the coating it doesn’t last as long as all the other stuff. The result is that this bar gets a little bland after a couple of chews. All that’s left is the crispies, and being “healthified” crispies, they have a bit of a bitter taste. Or maybe that’s the protein. Either way, the parting impression isn’t one of peanut butter or chocolate.

On the plus side, I like the texture. The crispiness is denser than a Rice Krispies Treat, so it’s not way too easy to blow through. I could imagine getting a little tired if you rushed through, but on the whole it’s a good mix between the two. The chocolate coating gives it a melty quality, but that is also the first thing to disappear.

Overall, there are much better peanut butter bars out there. I enjoyed the strawberry protein bar a lot more, so if I want another Special K fix I think I’ll stick with another flavor.
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